With the arrival of Valorant 7.07, Riot Games has reinstated the competitive changes they brought with version 7.06. This means players will no longer be restricted when queuing with different ranks.
Riot also implements multi-threaded rendering, which helps improve performance. With that said, here’s a rundown of everything included in the Valorant 7.07 patch update.
The map has also been tweaked a bit, and the Haven’s garage door has been slightly modified to make it easier to see through.
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Valorant update 7.07 patch notes
In Valorant update 7.07, Riot changed the destruction VFX for destructible door panels near the garage. It should be easier to see when it comes off.
It also includes performance tweaks to support multi-threaded rendering on discrete Intel GPUs and reduce the number of CPU cores required.
Riot also removed the rank limit in patch 7.06. “We know how important it is to play with your friends and your need for flexibility in order to do that.” They made this change in the first place to prevent people from abusing their powers to gain higher ranks.
Finally, as with other patch updates, some bugs have been addressed and fixed. Here are the full Valorant 7.07 patch notes released by Riot Games.

Competitive updates
After listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to remove the recent rank restrictions implemented up to 5 stacks in patch 7.06.
We know how important it is to play together
You and your friends need to be flexible in how you do this.
Originally, rank limits were intended to prevent people from being promoted illegally to the highest ranks like Radiant. Finally, we recognize your ability to be flexible with 5 Stacks is more important than the few people who abuse this vulnerability.
However, we still recognize that boosting poses risks to competitive integrity and are working on a suitable long-term solution that won’t affect your ability to play with friends.

Map Updates
Updated the destruction VFX for the destructible door panel located at the Mid door/Garage to make it easier to see when the panel falls off.
Performance Updates
Enables multi-threaded rendering for discrete Intel GPUs and reduces the number of CPU cores required.

Bug Fixes
In patch 7.06, we fixed a bug that allowed the game to output surround sound under certain circumstances, but surround mixes are untested and unsupported. Only stereo and mono sound outputs are supported currently.
To simulate surround sound on headphones, we provide HRTF settings. We do not recommend using in-game HRTF settings simultaneously with other surround sound virtualization software as this may cause double processing.
Note that other surround virtualization software cannot obtain surround information from a stereo mix.

The detection range of Dizzy (E) is now correctly reduced when within range of the Viper’s Pit (X) ability.
Fixed an issue where the offense was prioritized over the defense in overtime voting.
Fixed a bug where a second timer bar would appear after the “Choose a Side” vote ended.
Fixed a bug that would cause subsequent overtime priority voting to take place in the next round under certain circumstances.
That’s everything included in Valorant’s 7.07 patch. For more information on the game, be sure to explore U7BUY to check out some of our other Valorant content.