Buy an XBOX gift card digital from U7Buy to enjoy your favorite games today! Are you looking for some Xbox MMO games? The selection is not as generous as for PC, but we have good news. Some of the best MMO games – including the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV – are available for Xbox Series X.

Final Fantasy XIV

FFXIV mixes the storytelling and elements of the Final Fantasy series with an online multiplayer experience. Players become the Warrior of Light. They are heroes destined to protect Eorzea from various threats. This includes ancient evils and political conflicts. The class system enables players to switch between different classes and jobs without creating new characters. Players purchase and customize their homes. Decorations, furniture, trophies, and facilities – such as Chocobo stables – are part of the player housing experience.

Elder Scrolls Online

ESO takes players to the continent of Tamriel. It offers a vast, open world filled with diverse environments. Adventurers can participate in large-scale PvP battles in Cyrodiil. Three alliances fight to control the Imperial City. You are invited to team up with others to tackle challenging dungeons, world bosses, and epic trials in PvE. Deep character customization allows players to tailor their appearance, skills, and equipment. The progression system is flexible. It enables players to mix abilities from different skill lines. The goal is to create a play style that suits them.

Fallout 76

The post-nuclear world of Appalachia is yours for the taking! Will the radiation deter you? The region inspired by West Virginia features different landscapes, hidden secrets, and mutated creatures. Vault Dwellers get out of Vault 76 on Reclamation Day. Their task? Oh, just rebuilding society in the harsh wasteland. Players can gather resources to craft weapons, armor, and consumables. The game offers customization options for gear, allowing for personalized styles and strategies.


Thanks to Temtem, we can be the very best on Xbox. Often compared to the Pokemon series, Temtem offers a fresh take on the pet-collecting genre. The focus is on multiplayer interaction and a vibrant world populated by diverse creatures known as Temtem. Players embark on an adventure in the Airborne Archipelago. The purpose is to capture, train, and battle with their Temtem. Battles are turn-based and focus on strategy and synergy. Temtem includes a player housing system. Players can buy and customize their own homes, decorating them to create a personal space in the world.

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online rewards exploration, creativity, and skill. The stunning Xbox MMO by Pearl Abyss is known for its graphics and highly detailed character customization. The game has fast-paced and action-oriented combat. Skill and precision are of the essence. Players can perform combos, dodge attacks, and use a wide variety of abilities to defeat enemies in fluid and engaging encounters. The sandbox experience allows players to engage in numerous activities apart from combat. This includes trading, crafting, fishing, farming, horse taming, and even running your business.

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