Visit U7Buy for cheap Ikea gift cards and redesign your home today! The selection for IKEA bedroom items couldn’t be more generous. A wide range of products – from furniture to decorations – are available. Let’s peruse five of the items most clients prefer to have in their sleeping room.

MALM Bed Frame

This IKEA bedroom frame offers more than just a bed. It also comes with storage space that is conveniently hidden under the bed. Two big drawers allow you to store pillows, linens, or whatever you need to keep at hand. The boxes have wheels so you can easily roll them out. The MALM bed frame has a headboard. You can place it against a wall or anywhere else you like. The frame comes in three color options: black, white, and light brown. You will often find the MALM bed frame at a discounted price.

VESTEROY Pocket Sprung Mattress

You have found your bed frame, but the mattress is not included. The Vesteroy pocket sprung mattress is among the most popular IKEA bedroom items. The characteristics include adjustable firmness – medium or hard – and 20 cm thickness. It has a 10-year guarantee so you can imagine it will last for a long time. The comfort is enhanced thanks to an extra foam cover and soft fabric. The pocket springs ensure breathability. The springs also make sure that the motion is not transferred when moving from side to side.

OLYMPTISTEL Duvet Cover and Pillow

This set includes a duvet cover and pillow case. It comes in three different sizes. The fabric is a mix of cotton and viscose that results in a soft material. We all know that cotton is the best when it comes to breathability. It also keeps you cool thanks to its moisture absorbing properties. The viscose is made from wood pulp. It is a smooth material that feels great on the skin. The duvet has a press-stud closure system. The case is in the shape of an envelope. This set was designed by Emma Prowse. The watercolor pattern mixes shades of light red, green, blue, and yellow.

HEMNES Dressing Table with Mirror

This IKEA bedroom item has double functionality. Although its main purpose is to be a dressing table, it also works great as a small desk. You can put your laptop on it whenever you need to quickly respond to an email, for example. This dressing table has two small drawers on each side and one large drawer on the bottom. You can easily store jewelry, make-up products, brushes, hair pins, personal items, and whatnot. The mirror is coated with a safety film that minimizes damage in case it breaks. The table top is easy to clean.

PLATSA System for Storage

The PLATSA system provides modular storage options. This is perfect in case you need to add extra storage to a tricky space. This category includes a wide range of frames, wardrobes, and boxes. You can mix and match them according to your space to create the best combination.

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