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What’s New in the NBA 2K22 NBA 2K League

The NBA 2K League will change its structure in 2022. It will feature tournament play with events that allow participants to qualify for the tournaments. The season will begin in April and end in August. The five versus five tournaments will remain in the league. The Banner Chain, Tipoff, Turn, Ticket, Playoffs, and Finals are still the main components of the league. The Banner Chain, Playoffs, and Finals are for league teams only. The teams that make it to the Playoffs will be those that had a good performance in the seasonal competitions. In addition to five versus five games, the NBA 2K League will feature a new bracket. The League has entered a partnership with Coinbase for three versus three tournaments. There will also be a championship for this new bracket. The teams will have three players from their usual lineup that includes five members. The three versus three tournaments feature amateurs versus league teams. This is a great chance for regular players to match skills against NBA 2K League pros. The first two tournaments will pit the 24 league teams against amateur teams from the USA. Those who want to be part of the amateur teams must complete qualifying events. The last two amateur games will feature non-pro players from Europe and the Asia-Pacific zone. Just like the North American amateurs, these players will compete in zone-specific qualifying events. The last three versus three tournaments will have league teams and amateur teams that are selected based on their performance in the seasonal competitions. The prize pool for the new tournaments will be different from the main one. This means that the overall prize pool will be bigger than for the previous seasons. We don’t know the exact numbers yet. More info on this season’s prize pool will be revealed in the following months. We are glad to see that the NBA 2K League is doing well and the organizers are shaking things up with new rules.