U7BuyGames has helped many players obtain fast and cheap NBA 2K22 coins. NBA 2K22 Season 4: Hunt for Glory celebrates the Year of the Tiger with new activities and, the most important of all, unmissable rewards. We have cards to obtain, but first, we should make sure that we have the necessary resources to succeed in Season 4. U7BuyGames has special Year of the Tiger deals that include cheap NBA 2K22 MT coins for sale and quick deliveries. MyCareer proposes a new Season 4 challenge.
NBA 2K22 Season 4 MyCareer Updates
As soon as NBA 2K22 Season 4 begins, players are eligible to obtain the Legend status. This is a prestigious achievement reserved for those who level to 40 in four seasons. Hitting the level cap is not easy, so players should take advantage of each opportunity to get XP. The good news is that we have many activities that give XP. Rooftops and other matches in the City are some of these activities. Take a moment to admire the Affiliation courts. The design now matches Season 4. Getting to level 40 is a race against the clock because Season 4 ends in a few weeks. To make every minute worth it, the elevation was reduced. This means that it will take less time to travel on your bike or skateboard. Each week of Season 4 has new quests. Complete the ones that are currently available and don’t forget to check back next week for new things to do. Quest variety ensures that players don’t do the same task over and over again. Some quests give in-game objectives and others send players on an exploratory journey in the City and on the Cancha del Mar. If you are a Season 3 level 40 player, your efforts will be rewarded in Season 4. Some cosmetic items are part of the deal, but there’s also a bonus XP. The rewards include a jump shot animation, a Victor Solomon Kintsugi ball, a Season 4 themed jacket, a go-cart, and Season 4 suit. The ball is truly a collector’s item. Kintsugi is an old technique. The designer used it to create the ball. He has other basketball-themed items. Those who get to level 40 in Season 4 obtain a pet. To match this year’s zodiac, the pet is a tiger. The level 40 reward card is Yao Ming. It’s a 97 OVR Galaxy Opal card. Players can earn other Galaxy Opal cards by completing tasks in MyTeam modes.