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#7, Jokic
Jokic won the MVP, he’s valuable and affects the whole team in almost every aspect! But unfortunately, Murray’s injury had a big impact on the team as the Nuggets were embarrassingly swept in the playoffs, which left the Serbian big man humiliated! Obviously, Jokic needs some more time, as the US media gave a score of 94, which is 1 point less than the 2K ability value.

#4, Leonard, Doncic, Harden
Doncic and Harden have a 2K ability value of 94 and the US media has given them a rating of 95, while Leonard has a rating of 95 in both. Doncic, Leonard and Harden have all had an overall impact on the team. Doncic’s numbers have been outstanding every year and have been better each year. Harden has reduced the scoring and his passing has revived the team. And Leonard’s offensive and defensive abilities are at an all-time high. His injury has caused the Clippers to miss the Finals, if not the championship!

#3, Adetokunbo
The alphabet brother seems to be able to rightfully become the number one active NBA player, he won the championship, FMVP, MVP and DPOY, he is the only one in the current generation to take all these honours. In the 2K ability rating, Alphabet scored 96 points, tied with James, Curry and Durant for first place. In the US media ratings, Alphabet received a high score of 97, but there are two players ahead of him!

No.1, Curry, Durant

Curry and Durant reached 96 in the 2K rating. James, who also scored 96, thinks their ability value reached 99, and the American media gave a rating of 98. Curry’s three-point shooting is the strongest presence in history and he was last season’s scoring leader. And Durant has stormed through the playoffs in all sorts of ways and has led the US men’s basketball team to Olympic gold. So it’s no exaggeration to say that Curry and Durant are the best offensive players in the NBA right now, with their ability ratings at the top!