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After the second adjustment, a total of 15 players have reached 90 or more, namely Durant, Curry, James, Alphabet, Jokic, Leonard, Embiid, Butler, Doncic, Davis, Harden, Irving, Lillard, Morant and Gobert. Durant and Curry’s ratings have been adjusted, with each of them increasing by one point, and they are now both at 97. These two are also at the top of the MVP rankings, and the two of them have now overtaken James and are tied for the top spot in the league.

Not long ago, Curry and Durant had their first meeting of the season, and Curry arguably won, not only overshadowing Durant in terms of stats, but his team ended up with a big win. Now the two are neck and neck on the scoring charts, biting hard, and the two of them are likely to be the finalists for MVP this season. Now it seems how terrible the Warriors were as a team two years ago, a team that was unbeatable, and now the two have split up but still lead their respective teams to the top of the league, especially the Warriors, who are still at the top of the league.

There are also a number of players with a player rating of 89, namely Beal, Caion Williamson, Chris Paul, Trae Young, Mitchell, Booker, George and DeRozan. All of these players are either big or second string players for their respective teams, with George and DeRozan playing well enough for all to see that they are also in the top five of the MVP rankings. This is one of the surprises of the season, as these players with a rating of 89 are likely to move into the 90’s in the next selection, and of course there will be a number of 90’s that fall out of the ranks.

The best players in the league now have a high rating, but the only problem is that the ratings of the three players are controversial. I believe that with the depth of the game, it will become more and more perfect, and the adjustments will be more and more timely, so there is no need to keep discussing around the ratings.

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