U7buygames will help you get Safe NBA 2K MT Coins with fast delivery. Once the NBA 2K22 ratings were released, fans and players reacted quickly and sparked a heated debate online. James himself thinks Curry and Durant should have an ability value of 99, and KD agrees! In fact, it’s hard to win agreement with such a ranking, and ‘hoops chemistry’ is one of them, giving another scheme for ranking the top 12 players in the league, with James narrowly falling out of the top 10!

No. 12, Trae Young

Trae Young scored 91 points, which is two points higher than his 2K ability value of 89, which makes him the 12th man in the league. Trae Young’s strengths and weaknesses are outstanding, he is an extreme offensive player and a terrible defensive player. After the playoffs, Trae Young has grown more confident on the offensive end and his leadership talents are evident!

No. 11, Tatum

Who does Tatum remind us of? A younger version of Anthony, who may not be so similar, as he is a better three-point shooter and a more influential player on the defensive end, an upgraded “offensive kaleidoscope” in 3D. Tatum has a 2K rating of 90, while the American media has him at 92.

No. 8: Embiid, James, Lillard

Embiid has a 2K rating of 95, James a 96 and Lillard a 94. The American media think that the three players are over rated, giving them a 93. Embiid has been exceptional, but his inability to lead his team to a bigger breakthrough in the playoffs and his personal health is a big issue. James still has some impact, but he is also really getting older, with a noticeable decline in offensive ability and questionable leadership. And Lillard is on the cusp of a trade that has seen his numbers rise each season while his team’s record has deteriorated from year to year!

No. 7, Jokic

Jokic won the MVP, he was valuable and influenced the whole team in almost every way! But unfortunately, Murray’s injury had a big impact on the team as the Nuggets were embarrassingly swept in the playoffs, which left the Serbian big man humiliated! Obviously, Jokic needs some more time, as the American media gave him a score of 94, which is one point less than the 2K ability value.