Description: A introduction to some of the new features in NBA 2K22, revealing more exciting new content for the best-selling NBA basketball simulation video game.

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On-court gameplay experience

Key on-court gameplay improvements will allow players to better control not only how they score, but also how they play on the defensive end.

Offense – Dribble past defenders with new signature moves and combinations; precision jumpers, mobile dunks and aerials are more tightly linked to skills. Basketball IQ and skills will play a more important role in separating the top offensive players.

Defence – Among the new defensive tools at your disposal, the overhauled shot-blocking and cap system stands out. Tighter defence on the perimeter and in the box will be more rewarding than ever, giving elite defenders the ability to truly change the outcome of games.

The Season

After the game’s release, player favourite season mechanics can dramatically extend and enhance the game experience. This mechanic will appear in 2K22’s Dream Team, My Career and Women’s Basketball Career [PlayStation®5/Xbox Series X|S] modes, available for free to all players, bringing more exciting content, more great prizes, and more ways to play. In this year, seasons will bring new ways to play, allowing everyone to upgrade their own players and earn great goodies in Basketball City [PS5™/XBS] and The Block [PlayStation®4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch/PC].

Dream Teams

NBA 2K22’s Dream Team mode has been fully evolved, giving players the ultimate experience of building and competing on their dream team. As each season unfolds, Dream teams will continue to evolve.

Dream Teams: Draft – NBA 2K22 brings back the much-anticipated Dream Teams: Draft, where players can select a complete roster from a constantly updated pool of players. Battle it out with your new lineups in online head-to-head play to earn Dream Team Collection rewards.

Experience the evolution of Dream Teams – Throughout the year of NBA 2K22, new challenges, rewards and events will make each season of Dream Teams new and unique. In addition to the many new features debuting in Dream Teams, more content will be added throughout the year, including a new original game mode for the holiday season.

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