Find Summoners War accounts for sale at U7Buy and enjoy the perks that come with them! Summoners War Sky Arena Hall of Elements is one of the Cairos dungeons available in the game. The Hall of Elements consists of five different dungeons: Dark, Light, Fire, Wind, and Water. We have three floors in each dungeon. Players have to survive three waves of monsters and a boss to advance.

The rewards for clearing each Hall include elemental-specific essences and Angelmoon. Each Hall is available for one day. Players fight against different dungeon monsters and one boss in each wave. As you progress through the waves, it becomes increasingly more difficult to survive the next one. Here is what you need to know to defeat the bosses in each elemental Hall wave. Each boss is guarded by two crystals that give debuffs. You must be aware of the crystals’ effects and react accordingly.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements – Dark

The Hall of Dark opens on Monday. The Guardian of Darkness has two active abilities and one passive. Its damaging skills stun enemies and make them take area-of-effect damage. The passive gives the boss one additional turn in case the players fall. The crystals do damage for three turns to players.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements – Light

You will find this Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements dungeon available on Sunday. The Guardian of Light can use all the abilities from the Guardian of Dark and has one extra passive that boosts its defense by 500%. The left crystal gives the boss additional defense for three turns. The right crystal has a series of different abilities that inflict damage, debuff the players, and buff the elemental Guardian.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements – Fire

The Hall of Fire welcomes players on Tuesday. The Fire boss has the two active skills and the passive ability of the Dark boss. His left crystal puts bombs on the players. The bombs detonate and deal damage. The right crystal is similar to the one of the Light boss. It has a different effect depending on the current stage.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements – Wind

If it’s Thursday, you can adventure into the Hall of Wind. The Guardian of Wind has the three regular abilities. What’s different here is the left crystal. In the first five stages, the crystal replenishes a part of the boss’s HP. In the last five stages, it helps it fully recover HP. The left crystal is the same as the left one from the Fire boss.

Summoners War Sky Arena Hall Of Elements – Water

The Hall of Water can be cleared on Wednesday. The Guardian of Water has all the abilities of the Light boss and one more passive that gradually boosts its attack power. The left crystal interferes with the players’ ability to regain HP. The right crystal is the multi-effect one.

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