So you’re finally giving RAID Shadow Legends a try but are lost on what to do first. The game has more than 300 Champions in its roster and multiple Campaigns, Dungeons, Missions, and Quests to do. It can get a bit overwhelming for beginners that you might even consider checking RAID accounts for sale to get one and make your starting journey easier.

But before we get to buy RAID accounts, see if these beginner tips can help you get started in this fantasy RPG. From picking the right starter Champion to doing Campaigns, here are six beginner tips for RAID: Shadow Legends.

Pick Your Starter Champion Right
At the start of the game, you can pick between the Champions Athel, Elhain, Galek, and Kael. These four might seem the same in terms of roles and Affinity, but the best choices for beginners are Athel and Kael.

The four have the same Attack role and Magic Affinity, but Athel and Kael have the longevity that the other two lack. These two Champions will last you longer since you can use their skillsets in many situations.

If you want to use other Champions, you can always replace your starter one later. Don’t forget to upgrade your Champions and use the dupes in the Tavern instead of hoarding them.

Understand the Affinity System
One of the most important beginner tips for RAID is to familiarize yourself with the game’s Affinity system. Learn it early and learn it quickly since it forms the backbone for a lot of things.

There are four Affinities in the game, with three of them acting like rock-paper-scissors and the fourth one being neutral. The Affinities are Magic (blue), Spirit (green), Force (red), and Void (purple). Magic beats Spirit but is weak to Force, Spirit beats Force but is weak to Magic, and Force beats Magic but is weak to Spirit. Void is not supereffective nor weak to anything.

Grind on Campaigns
Doing Campaigns (sometimes even multiple times) can help you get familiar with how the game works while improving your squad’s strength. Some Campaigns also give excellent drops and Champions that you’ll need for dungeons.

So don’t rush too much through the game and finish your Campaigns first. You’re even encouraged to grind on certain Campaigns to get the most out of it.

Know How to Use Gears
Knowing which gears match with which Champions is also another thing you should learn as a beginner. Some full gear sets work well or even better with certain Champions.

For example, give “squishy” Champions gears that can easily life-steal or boost their HP. Make tanks tankier with more defense or HP boosts.

Don’t Forget Your Auras and Healers
Don’t leave without a healer, folks! Make sure to always have a healer in your squad since it could literally mean life or death for your party. You’ll get one healer right after the first chapter (Warpriest) but you can unlock more later.

Also, don’t forget to switch on the Aura of your party’s leader. This can also aid your team to victory.

Do the Daily Tasks
Lastly, it pays to log in daily! As a beginner, you will get excellent login bonuses just for logging in. You can get materials, unlock some items, and even get rewarded with certain Champions!

And speaking of Champions, there are RAID Shadow Legends accounts for sale that might have the Champions you want. Now that you know the game, head over to a trusted site to get these Champions!