If you want to top up ML without breaking the bank, U7Buy is ready to provide the best services at the most attractive prices! Mobile Legends: Bang Bang developed by Moonton, has taken the mobile gaming world by storm with its intense multiplayer battles and strategic gameplay. One of the key components that keep players engaged is the ranking system. This structured ladder determines a player’s skill level and places them in competitive matches accordingly.

Understanding the Basics of the Mobile Legends Ranking System

Mobile Legends employs a tier-based ranking system, consisting of several levels, each with four divisions, except for the highest tier. The ranking tiers, in ascending order, are Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, Mythic, and Mythic Glory. Players begin their ranked journey in Warrior tier, and as they win matches, they climb through the divisions and progress to the next tier. Stars are the currency of progression in the Mobile Legends ranking system. Players start each tier with zero stars and earn them by winning matches. Each division requires a specific number of stars to advance, and once players accumulate enough stars, they move up to the next division or tier. Losing a match results in a deduction of stars, and if a player reaches zero stars in their current division, they may be demoted to the previous division. Ranking points also play a crucial role in determining a player’s standing. Winning a match grants ranking points, while losing deducts them. The number of points earned or lost depends on various factors, such as the player’s performance, the opponents’ ranks, and the duration of the match. Higher-tier players typically gain fewer points from defeating lower-tier opponents. Losing to lower-tier opponents may result in a more significant deduction.

How Mobile Legends Players Achieve Greater Ranks

Achieving a specific number of stars within a division triggers a promotion to the next division or tier. The number of stars required for promotion varies across tiers, with higher tiers demanding more stars for progression. Conversely, if a player loses consistently and their stars reach zero, they may be demoted to the previous division. To add a layer of fairness to the system, Mobile Legends introduces protection points. These points safeguard players from immediate demotion after reaching zero stars in their current division. Players have a grace period during which they can accumulate protection points by winning matches. If they manage to earn enough protection points before the grace period ends, they avoid demotion even if they have zero stars.

How Matchmaking Works in Mobile Legends

Matchmaking in Mobile Legends is influenced by a player’s rank, ensuring that players are pitted against opponents of similar skill levels. As players progress through the ranks, the matchmaking system might broaden its search parameters to reduce waiting times. This can result in matches with slightly lower or higher-ranked opponents. Within Mythic, there’s an additional ranking system called Mythic Glory, where players compete for the highest ranks on a global scale. Only the top 50 players in each region can attain the coveted Mythic Glory.

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