Diablo 4, the next installment in the legendary action RPG series, is coming soon. Blizzard Entertainment has confirmed that the game will be released on June 6, 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X /S, PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will feature five classes, a vast open world, and a dark and gritty atmosphere. Fans can join the Server Slam beta test to try out the game and help improve its service and performance. Now is the best time to test all five classes and find your favorite one.

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Barbarian – the Iconic Diablo Warrior

Barbarians are the ultimate melee fighters, using a variety of weapons for different situations. They can unleash powerful war cries and devastating slams that send enemies flying. They also have high mobility and can stay on top of their foes with ease. Their skills use Fury, which is gained by using basic attacks and lost when out of combat.

Barbarian’s Bleed Status Effects

This feature increases damage resistance by 10%, making this class more beginner-friendly and easy to play. This effect makes Barbarian one of the best classes for solo play in many scenarios, except when facing enemies with long range. The lack of effective ranged options in their skill tree makes them struggle against foes that keep their distance.

Weapon Arsenal Mechanic

Many abilities in Diablo series require specific types of weapons, such as bludgeoning, two-handed, etc. But in this version, Barbarian can swap their weapons according to the skills they use and cycle their attacks.

Rogue – Flexible and Skillful Fighter

Compared to the brute-force melee machine, Rogue is not that beginner-friendly. In fact, this class is one of the most challenging characters, who are versatile and dexterity-based. Players have to rely on their fast dashes to dodge attacks with minimal protection. Rogue is not afraid of enemies with distance, but close range opponents.

Rogue’s Unique Specialization

Combo Points is the first Specialization unlocked after level 15 by completing the quest “True Potential”. This Specialization has many effects activated by skills that require Combo Points (similar to Fury for Barbarian). Each basic attack fills up this new attack meter, which is shown above the skill bar. The maximum number of Combo Points is three.

Inner Sight is the second Specialization unlocked after level 20. This Specialization allows Rogue to mark certain enemies, and each attack against the marked targets fills up the Mana gauge. When this gauge is full they gain a four-second unlimited energy.

Imbue System – Frost, Shadow, and Poison

There are three Imbue types as branches of Rogue’s skill tree. Players have to select one of these imbue skills to add that damage to their skills. The most powerful aspect is that this additional effect applies to whatever skills they use next. In other words, Rogue’s skills can be imbued!

Necromancer – Master of Life and Death

As the historical S-tier class since Diablo II, Necromancer does not have any significant downside, for both close range or distanced enemies. They have various methods to crush the evil, including raising undead minions, exploding corpses, using the power of bone and poisons. Their blood magic can crowd control groups and even convert health from damage.

Book of the Dead Minions

Skeletal Warriors: Summon skeletal warriors that fight by your side. You can choose from three types: Skirmishers, Defenders, and Reapers.

Skeletal Mages: Summon skeletal mages that cast spells at your enemies. You can choose from three types: Shadow, Cold, and Bone. Cold Mages can freeze enemies and apply vulnerability, Bone Mages can deal massive damage with Blood Surge, and Shadow Mages can stealth and teleport.

Corpse Explosion: Make corpses explode, dealing damage to nearby enemies. You can also use Corpse Lance to launch a corpse at a single target.

Sorcerer – The Elemental Wizard

Sorcerer is the classic spellcaster class in Diablo 4, capable of unleashing powerful elemental magic on their foes. Whether you prefer to burn them with fire, freeze them with ice, or shock them with lightning, Sorcerer has something for you. You can also use the Enchantment mechanic, where you can equip active skills for a passive effect.

Sorcerer’s unique class mechanic is the Mana system, which regenerates slowly over time but can be increased by using certain skills or items. You can also use Mana to empower your spells, making them more effective.

How Spells Make Use of Different Elements?

Fireball: Launch a fireball that explodes on impact, dealing fire damage to enemies in an area. You can also use Firebolt to shoot a smaller fireball that pierces through enemies.

Frost Nova: Create a blast of cold that freezes enemies around you, dealing cold damage and applying chill. You can also use Frost Shard to shoot a shard of ice that slows enemies.

Chain Lightning: Cast a bolt of lightning that jumps between enemies, dealing lightning damage and stunning them. You can also use Lightning Spear to throw a spear of lightning that pierces through enemies.

Druid – The Shapeshifter

Druid is another versatile and popular class in Diablo 4, able to transform into different animal forms and command nature’s forces. Whether you want to slash enemies as a wolf, smash them as a bear, or summon storms and vines, Druid has something for you. You can also use the Spirit mechanic, where you generate spirit by attacking enemies and spend it on powerful skills.

Druid’s unique class mechanic is the Shapeshifting system, which allows you to transform into a wolf or a bear at any time. Each form has its own advantages and disadvantages, such as speed, damage, health, and skills.

Druid – Fairly Resilient with Good Crowd Control

Maul: Attack enemies with your claws as a wolf or your paws as a bear, dealing physical damage and applying bleed. You can also use Swipe to hit multiple enemies in front of you.

Tornado: Summon a tornado that moves around the battlefield, dealing wind damage and knocking back enemies. You can also use Hurricane to create a storm around you that damages and slows enemies.

Ravenous Bite: Command a raven to bite an enemy, dealing physical damage and healing you for a portion of the damage. You can also use Spirit Raven to summon a raven that follows you and attacks enemies.

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