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Jordan Challenge also has an arena game video and game content.And it looks like we’re going to have a new announcer joining the team. Last year Candance Parker was one of the special guests.

However, you can see more NBA 2K23 game footage from September 1 through September 9.

NBA 2K23 game update

With the release of the game, more news about NBA 2K23 gameplay continues to surface. The first thing we’d like to see is a new dribbling mechanism.

Now, the initial trailer doesn’t give much away, but several accounts “leaked” that this year’s NBA 2K23 is much slower than 2K22.

The good news is that if the game slows down, those garbage dribbles are less likely to work, providing a more realistic gameplay experience.

Radiometer leaked

Given that we ourselves have not seen the reported new shot sheet, we will insist that it is a reported leak.

The new shooter has a slightly rounded shape compared to the sharp edges of the NBA 2K22. As always, the filling rate of the shot sheet depends on the jump shot animation.

The leak was provided by NBA 2K23 Leaks on Twitter and Intel, who are pretty reliable when it comes to leaks, so we assume it’s real.

You can see there are some new push painting and scramble shot animations.

On top of that, you can also see both Night-Night and Griddy celebrations appearing in the game at the same time, bringing a new dimension to NBA 2K23 gameplay.

What’s really cool is if these celebrations can be equipped to your NBA 2K23 MyCAREER players, add additional customization levels.

We’ll wait and see when the content is in August for details on what new things we can expect.

NBA 2K23 Jordan Challenge

NBA 2K23 tries to give fans the biggest surprise with the “Jordan Challenge.” You’ll travel through the ages like Michael Jordan and be rewarded along the way.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for us is that each era has a different NBA 2K23 game feature. Like the game will be slowed down to match the NBA of the 1980s.

As you complete the pinnacle of Jordan’s career, you can expect a mix of previous broadcasts to really fine-tune the immersion of Jordan’s challenge.